Invigorate your commercial property with a bespoke, fully installed lighting design. We work directly with clients or commercial landscapers to any specification, design and budget.  We manage all projects from design to completion.

Take a look at a selection of past projects below.

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St Clement's Church
The spire is an important focal point for the local community, now lit to shine brightly at night. High powered LED's were used to illuminate the steeple. The portico below is downlit to backlight the columns.
East India Dock
This special space is designed to provide a relaxing area for employees of businesses involved in the regeneration of the area to relax in. The 4m high trees have been wrapped with fairy lights to give a calm glow.
Chelsea Creek Roof Terrace
Inground linear LED's have been used on this rooftop terrace.
Chelsea Creek Living Wall
We illuminated this living wall by using downlights to wash light across the front of the planting, creating a sense of vivality.
White City
Our brief was to make this cluster of 12m high trees stand out from a distance. We used a high quality LED festoon to wrap around the tree.
Chelsea Creek Penthouse
Inground linear LED lights were used to accentuate the depth perspective of the perimeter of the living space, making it feel larger.
Spitalfields Market
Colour changing LED’s installed around the side of the glass, with etched sections to refract the light that are controlled by a pre-programmed DMX system. This effect stand out within this famous Spitalfields area of London.
Chelsea Creek Bridge
This architectural design spans a canal at a West London development. Each individual perspex rod has an LED mounted below to refract light through the rod, creating this beautiful symmetrical effect.
East India Dock
This design was commissioned as part of a marketing strategy to encourage small businesses to move their business to this area of London. These magnificent plane trees have been wrapped in LED fairy lights to create a stunning visual effect.
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