We design beautiful outdoor lighting for any home, enhancing exterior areas to provide beauty and increase the night time function of living spaces. 

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Garden Terrace
The effects used here are a combination of moonlighting, step lighting and up lighting with the use of spike spots to create this visual display.
Entertaining Lighting
By wrapping looms of fairy lights around the individual branches of the four horizontal pleached trees, we have created a canopy of light over the dining area, we consider this effect as tree sculpting.
Subtle Security Lighting
Subtly positioned light fittings provide an alternative form of security lighting. The lights are controlled by dusk 'til dawn sensor. This is an economical alternative to movement sensors to run this design through the night.
Sculpture Lighting
Using multiple beams of light we created greater depth to the sculpture creating focal points and enhancing the face and sword for a more dramatic effect.
Tree Uplighting
Uplighting is a very effective way to give depth perspective to a garden and here we have made the Summer house a focal point in the distance.
Step Lighting
This floating step light effect is created by installing the linear LEDs into a pre cut rebate within the wooden steps. This effect draws the eye to the hidden upper garden.
Roof Terrace
Subtle lighting was used to maximise the living space of this London roof terrace.
Crosslighting was introduced to the garden to create a wider beam of light projected from one side of the decking to the other. Crosslighting is cost effective in a small garden environment where dense planting is present.
Moonlighting is a subtle way of illuminating an area avoiding low level glare, by delivering 100% of light onto the subject.
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